For over 150 years, our highly committed staff have produced handmade whips and crops, investing the utmost care in their workmanship. It stands testament to our motto, „You can always make a good thing even better“. That’s why we’re continuously developing our products and are always on the look-out for new materials, the latest trends and different design options. Our custom-designed production methods and love of detail are your guarantee of the exquisite quality of FLECK riding and driving whips.


Three generations of consummate craftsmanship

Allow us to introduce our skilled and highly motivated workforce manufacturing goods of the very best quality and carefully crafting superior products which cater to the most exacting standards. We are continually developing our models and adding to our success with new innovations which cater to every requirement of leisure riders and professionals. Anyone who wants to ride high in equestrian sports will insist on consummate craftsmanship made by FLECK!

1870 to date

FLECK riding whip manufacture

FLECK has been making riding crops and whips for equestrian sports at its base in Schwarzach near Heidelberg for over 150 years. Originally an important and indispensable aid needed for horse-drawn carriages of all kinds, the designs developed over time to include more and more crops for sports and for all disciplines of English riding, such as showjumping, dressage and eventing. Once the turmoil of the Second World War was over, full riding crop production was resumed. At the beginning of the 1960s the company started to adjust its focus and turned its attention to modern materials, new manufacturing methods, product improvements and innovations. The machinery was gradually modernised, as was the workshop at the heart of the company where the braiding was done by hand. Marketing was stepped up and measures were taken to raise awareness of the FLECK brand – on a worldwide scale. Not only did FLECK develop its network of representatives all over Germany but it also entered into cooperative deals with international distributors. In addition to extensive use of the SPOGA trade fair platform, the managers also travelled abroad in order to promote their products around the globe. Electronic media and communication platforms were also part of the mix. There has been a B2B online shop for trade customers in the German-speaking markets since 1999, for example, and just recently a digital order platform was also set up for specialist retailers in the USA.

Our recipe for success

There is always room to improve on excellence!

Innovations are the mainspring driving the huge popularity of the FLECK riding crops and whips and motivating the dedicated team in the company to continue developing the products and to keep looking for new materials, current trends and novel designs – in short, that extra soupçon of distinction which gives the FLECK products the winning edge. The company has a long tradition of living by its watchword, “There is always room to improve on excellence”, and in this way it has made a name for itself all over the world. Countless lovers of equestrian sports appreciate the high quality standards of the company. FLECK is synonymous worldwide with innovative riding crops and whips which are used successfully in all disciplines of equestrian sports, both when practised as a pastime and at a competitive level.

Brand ambassadors